The Ghana film industry actress who is famed for having a tiny waist is vastly known for her physical body structure and not acting skills.

Originally from The Gambia, Princess Shyngle, who became famous for her tiny waist with huge curvy bum, explained why she was not yet married.

The controversial cognition known to have published content on social networks reveals that she still has not met a man who deeply loves her.

She made it known during the “Question and Answer” segment that she organized on Instagram.
When asked “Why are you still single”

Recalled that Princess Shyngle, considered one of Ghana’s most controversial and virulent actresses. Who casted a shadow over her former colleagues who attended John Dumelo’s wedding. She then wrote that all actresses older than 30 years and not yet married should hide face.

This statement has resulted in a number of knocks on her back and she even later said that some people had sent her death threats.


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