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Heavy penalties against Shisha operators in Ghana

Shisha smoking has become increasingly popular among young people in Ghana. The Food and Drug Regulatory Authority of Ghana announces heavy penalties against hookah operators who do not abide by the law.

Smoking Shisha is not illegal in the country, but the authorities indicate that the operators must respect the laws governing its use. For example, they must register the product and display visible warnings about the dangers of smoking.

According to them, operators can now expect a jail sentence of at least three years and an administration fee of US $ 4,000 if they do not comply with the law.

Heavy penalties against Shisha operators in Ghana

The rise in the number of hookah bars in Accra and other parts of the country is partly based on the idea that the Shisha is less harmful than cigarettes. A misconception according to the World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Regulatory Authority of Ghana.



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