Here’s how to smell good all day

Feel good, it’s nice! For us, and for others.

It is in some ways an omen of cleanliness and freshness.

In this article, we give you the tips to keep your perfume all day, without fail.

1) Wash more than once a day

This is the first step. Yes, to smell good, you have to be clean first. When it’s hot, we tend to sweat.

It should then take precautions and wash two to three times a day, as needed. Take a shower, with soap, and rub well places that may make you feel bad.

These are the armpits, the neck and the hair. Avoid using washcloths, or if you can not do without them, clean them often.

2) Wear proper clothes

Many neglect this aspect, but it is very important.

Nylon fabrics tend to hold the temperature. They will then make us sweat faster, and disappear our freshness.

Instead, prefer cotton clothes. The most important thing is to put on clean clothes. In the evening, on the way down, do not put away your clothes right away. If you do not want to put them in dirty laundry, spread them out to dry in the sun.

3) Use deodorant and perfume

You were surely expecting it!

This is one of the key steps to feeling good all day. Use deodorants, as a roll-on or with a vaporizer.

There are some who keep themselves all day, and who do not clog your clothes. Then put on perfume. But not anywhere.

It has happened that some put perfume on their clothes and that they are tainted. Instead, prefer the sensitive places in your body: the neck, the neck, the armpits, the forearm and behind the ear. To keep this smell, buy perfume oil.

In general, it sells in small quantities, but it is very effective to keep its fragrance all day.

During your break, you can go back to the places indicated.



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