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She becomes addicted to men after using a love potion to recover her husband

A prescription went completely wrong for a heartbroken woman who wanted to get her husband back.

In an attempt to rescue her husband, 46-year-old Douglas Nyoni, 36-year-old Cynthia Mvhuma from Zimbabwe consulted a witch doctor who gave her a love potion. After instructions, she used the philtre to seduce him, but things took an uncontrollable turn, and she ended up surprisingly addicted to se3x.

Speaking in an interview with iharare, Mvhuma said she had seen a voracious sexual desire instead of a show of love in her attempt to get her husband back.

“I always feel the urge to make love every time. A few years ago, when my husband left me, I went to see a traditional healer who gave me juju to help me regain him. I spread it all over my body as indicated and waited for the miracle to happen. After two days, I started to feel weird and my private parts were wet,” she said.

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Mvhuma, who also revealed that she had slept with several men and stopped counting when she reached 47, she had tried to return to the witch doctor, but was told that there was no what to worry about.

“I rubbed a lot of men and I stopped counting when I reached 47. Now I’m just sleeping with everyone and I no longer feel any emotional connection as before. Sometimes I sleep with two men at the same time,” added Mvhuma.

The heartbroken woman said she is scared to take the HIV test because she does not want stress after sleeping with almost everything that works.

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It has been reported that the Witch Doctor is now dead and that the man for whom she risked everything has left the country.



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