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“I slept with different men for help, they failed” – Woman reveals

“I have slept with different men yet I am not rich, Sleeping with men can’t make you rich,” says a Ghanaian actress. Not far long from another woman who reveals that she has also slept with different men in other to get help, yet none could help.

“My helper comes from above,” says a priest, but later explained that it doesn’t fall as manner but through someone. But how could one identify the helper not a green snake in a green leave? That was the situation of a woman identified as Mirabel Anaedo, from Anambra State, Nigeria. She put shame aside to reveal on social media how men have benefited from her, by sleeping with her in the name of rendering assistance.

In a video posted online, the widow and mother of four boys – who slept with different men – revealed that her husband died while she was 6 months pregnant with the fourth child. And since then life has been difficult for her and her children.

“I slept with different men for help, they failed” – Woman reveals

The woman admitted to having slept with different men for the purpose of getting help, but most of them disappointed her. She also revealed in a WhatsApp chat posted online with her consent, how a man had asked her to send him naked pics with her fingering herself before she could get help from him.

“I slept with different men for help, they failed” – Woman reveals

She revealed that she had met her priest and that she had also turned a new page because she was sick of messing around. Internet users have set up online support to see how to help the woman.



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