Messages from Jeff Bezos to his mistress leaked and the internet smiles

Jeff Bezos is good at many things, his fortune is proof of that, but in flirting he does not seem so good. Just as the Amazon boss announced his divorce, bizarre, flirtatious messages pop up that he would have sent to his mistress last year. And the internet now smiles with Bezos’ bad temptation.

Jeff Bezos (54) announced yesterday that he is going to divorce his wife MacKenzie Bezos (48). As a result, he will shortly see his capital of 135 billion dollars (117 billion euros) cut in half, and Mackenzie will become the richest woman in the world at once. But apparently the divorce was already in the air for a while, according to reports.

©AFP – Mackenzie and Jeff Bezos in better times

Bezos would have cheated his wife for eight months with the 49-year-old newsreader Lauren Sanchez, the wife of Hollywood broker Patrick Whitesell, writes The National Enquirer. He has taken Sanchez to exotic destinations with his private jet and the Enquirer also claims to have messages that Bezos sent to Sanchez. Bezos also sent erotic selfies according to the magazine, which are “too explicit to publish”.

©BRUNO PRESS – Lauren Sanchez

From the leaked messages it is clear that Jeff Bezos is not the most experienced flirter. He writes in one of the messages: “I love you, alive girl”, “I love you, living girl.”

Another passage is this: “I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in…. read more on the image:

Reportedly leaked messages from Jeff Bezos.

Obviously, the internet would not be the internet, if there were not countless Bezos-jokes to come. Below you will find an overview of the most successful jokes.

National Enquirer, HLN


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