New images show Jewish Museum attack in Brussels

These new images of the attack in the Jewish Museum in Brussels on 24 May 2014 have never been shown before. The French-language channel RTL-TVI received exclusive images in the hands of surveillance cameras. They show the indifference and determination of the shooter. Four people died in the shooting.

Thanks to the camera images, it is possible to reconstruct the precise course of the attack and that three months before the start of the trial against the main suspect, Mehdi Nemmouche.

The gruesome events begin in the hall of the Jewish Museum. The shooter targets his weapon on his first victims, an Israeli couple. He kills them and continues his journey without returning. At the entrance of the room he shoots with the same weapon at an employee of the museum, his third victim.

Then he walks in the direction of another employee of the museum, but his weapon blocks. She then activates an alarm system that closes the doors. The shooter takes a Kalashnikov in his hand and shoots the lock. Then he makes his fourth victim. A little later he leaves in a quiet and determined way.

“Murderous madness”
These images were shown to specialists in the field of justice. They underline the professional character of the attack. “We are talking about murderous insanity here,” according to criminal lawyer Fabrice Guttadauria. “It makes you shudder. The way this has been done is very impressive.”

The shooter is not recognizable on the images. He wears a mask and possibly sunglasses. But a week after the attacks, French agents arrest suspect Mehdi Nemmouche in Marseille.

The assisting trial against Mehdi Nemmouche, the main suspect, and a suspected accomplice, Nacer Bendrer, starts on January 10 in Brussels.

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