Researchers diving in Hawaii were only a few meters away from the impressive specimen, which had been last seen near the coast of Mexico.

“Deep Blue,” the largest shark on record, was spotted this week in the waters of Hawaii, causing the excitement of the researchers who managed to portray it and the astonishment of millions of users. It is estimated that the specimen, almost 7 meters long, is about 50 years old, an adult age for the hope of 70 years of its kind.

Deep Blue was seen 30 kilometres off the coast of Oahu (Hawaii), while devouring the remains of a sperm whale “Serene and elegant, she moved around us, for hours we swam together in the current of the sea,” wrote photographer Kimberly Jeffries, excited by her experience.

The last time the shark was portrayed occurred in July 2013, near Guadalupe Island (Mexico), although at that time the divers were protected by a cell.

More scene below:


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