Oops: typing mistake makes article about Julia Roberts very sex!st

The final editorial staff of the Post-Journal in Jamestown, New York, may well fall through the ground. After the release of a profile about actress Julia Roberts last Saturday. The title of the piece is ‘Julia Roberts Finds Life and Her Holes Get Better With Age’. In addition, ‘holes’ had to be ‘roles’ (roles).

The editors of the newspaper were forced to apologize to the actress, who looks back in the piece on the renaissance of her career, thirty years after she had her first film role. The headline as he intended, ‘Julia Roberts fin life and her roles get better with age’, normally covered the load of the piece.

What happened to Julia Roberts?

But because an inadvertent editor accidentally typed ‘holes’ and the editors then looked at that mistake, the head seems rather sex!st and alludes to the gen!tals of La Roberts.

The newspaper did not let the mistake come to heart and took a correction in the monthly edition.



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