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Opponents leave the national dialogue and denounce a “monologue”

In Cameroon, several political parties left the political dialogue that began the day before on Tuesday. They point to differences in methodology and the choice of themes assigned to the commissions.

Among these political groups, the Alliance of Progressive Forces denounces a monologue of the CPDM, leaving it in power.

“The methodological option chosen by the Prime Minister does not convince us. He presented us with a fait accompli at the opening ceremony. He imposed the composition of his bureau and the chairmen of the eight commissions on us,” said President Alice Sadio.

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According to her, each stakeholder submitted proposals during the preliminary consultations. But as far as her party is concerned, this has not been taken into account. “We proposed a neutral moderator. This was not the case. We also proposed themes that were dear to us. This has not been done. We can’t take part in a monologue,” she says.

However, she says that her party’s departure from the dialogue is not final. “If our demands are taken into account, we could come back,” she adds.

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In addition to Alice Sadio, personalities such as Akere Muna, candidate for the 2018 presidential election, Célestin Bedzigui and Jean Jacque Ekindi have left the dialogue, believing that everything is decided in advance.


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