Senegal football federation write protest letter to FIFA and claim for breach of ethics and fair play

The Senegalese Football Federation sent FIFA a letter of protest and a letter of complaint alleging violations of the rules of ethics and fair play.

As in the image of Morocco who has already seized the governing bodies of FIFA.

In the first, the Federation protests against two arbitration decisions of match 48 of the World Cup between Senegal and Colombia.

The federation does not approve the fact that the penalty awarded to Senegal following a foul committed on Sadio Mane in the penalty area is canceled after consulting the VAR.

The federation believes that the referee who was a few meters from the action was well placed and therefore should not have reversed his decision and in addition he should have punished the offending Colombian defender with a direct red card.

The Federation also regrets that a very visible hand foul of Colombian defender Yeri MINA in his penalty area in the 76th minute is ignored by the referee.

In the second, the Senegalese Football Federation criticizes the behavior of the Japanese team during the match against Poland; still in the same group H. The Federation believes that Japan literally refused to play when it learned that Colombia had just scored a goal against Senegal, a refusal to play that suited Japan but is contrary to the principles governing football.

In addition the Federation is all the more shocked that the coach of Japan did not deny the facts. The latter, even in a post-match press conference, confirmed that he had made the decision to manipulate the result of the match by maintaining the score of 1-0. A score that suited Japan and was also good for Poland, which was only looking for one point for the honour.

Thus, the Senegalese Football Federation deplores the lack of fair play that this Japanese team has shown. It challenges FIFA on the notion of ranking in the number of cards that loses its meaning and interest in a similar case where the team lacking fair play is not worried by a penalty.

The Senegalese Football Federation hopes that the governing body of world football will take appropriate measures to expedite these cases.

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