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Students put carton box on the head during the exam

A school has fallen into the eye of the storm after photos went viral showing students sitting in the classroom with a carton box on their head. The incident took place at Bhagat College in the South Indian state of Karnataka during the exam.

The measure was taken to prevent cheating. In the meantime, the management has publicly apologized, according to BBC reports. The images were made on Wednesday during a chemistry exam. The students wore modified carton boxes with an open face so that they could at least complete their own exam form.

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An administrative assistant from the school apologized for the “measure” that had been introduced as an “experiment” after the practice had already been applied elsewhere. He stated that the students agreed and that no one was obliged to do so.

“Some removed the box after fifteen minutes, others after twenty minutes and we asked the students to turn the box off after an hour,” said MB Satish.

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The school claimed it would no longer apply the practice, but the local authorities nevertheless started an investigation. The measure was considered “inhumane”.


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