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These apps that can kill your smartphone


The applications have been designed in general for a better functioning of smartphones (smart devices).

Unfortunately, several cybersecurity experts have conducted surveys related to the use of smartphone apps.

From these studies conducted this year 2018, there are many applications that are very dangerous for the viability of our devices.

Indeed, the researches of these specialists have shown that the most popular applications are mobile monsters for phones.

This is Facebook messenger, whatsapp and the Waze GPS mobile navigation app. According to experts, in the UK, the leak of personal data should cost 565,000 euros to Facebook

Speaking of Android systems, WhatsApp and Facebook apps have also been recognized as the most threatening.

However, the third position is occupied by the Russian Telegram mail. The researchers noted that Waze and Telegram were included in the list for the first time.

The new WhatsApp option could result in leakage of your personal data

Facebook and WhatsApp messaging received 7 points out of 10. A high score indicates that applications can send business-related data to servers, or that they do not comply with security policies.

For example, many services send address books and SMS messages, and disable the HTTPS protocol.

The experts also talked about the categories of programs that the companies themselves blacklisted to prevent leakage of information.

Couriers, social networking clients and online dating services are most often indexed.

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