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“They will create a virus, pretend and sell the antidotes” – Gaddafi

The former Libyan revolutionary president Muammar Gaddafi stated that certain people who specialized in creating health problems would create a virus, pretend there is no solution for some time and sell the antidote.

The advent of the coronavirus created a lively controversy between the United States of America and China. The Chinese accused the American government of being responsible for the spread of the virus. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, in turn, tweeted that ‘it could be the US military’ that brought the coronavirus to China. At the same time, US President Donald Trump also consistently qualifies COVID-19 as a “Chinese virus”.

In the wake of these accusations, a research team came across a powerful statement made by Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi, the former Libyan revolutionary, and pan-Africanist president.

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In a speech delivered during his early years of leadership, Gaddafi said that there are people who specialize in creating health problems just to make money, no matter how dangerous it is to human existence.

He said at the time that they would create the virus themselves and sell the antidotes afterward, pretending to take their time to find the solution when they already have it. “They will create a virus, pretend and sell the antidotes.”

Could that be applicable with all that is happening around the world today with Covid-19, the pandemic that is spreading and killing many people, it is an ideal time to evoke this thought of Gaddafi, especially when this virus began to spread in Africa.

Late Colonel Gaddafi has always been that leader who finds it hard to believe in the sincerity of a people who once decided to share Africa’s territories, plunder its resources to build their nation, and brutalize their people on top of that.

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Known to be a strong protector of African culture, a promoter of African unity, an ardent critic of foreign ideologies, and of the strategies with which powers manipulate the world, he never shorts his words when opposing social ills.

Many facts Gaddafi used to oppose in the past, most of which have been ignored, seem to manifest themselves today. Gaddafi may be gone, but his thoughts are still relevant.

Is there any scientifically proves to validate what he said or What do you think of his point of view?


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