Waitress commits expensive fool: customers accidentally receive wine
© Twitter Hawksmoor Manchester - A staff member accidentally took a very expensive bottle of wine.

A restaurant in Manchester has blundered with very expensive wine. Guests ordered a bottle of 260 pounds, but due to a mistake by the staff, they were given a Château Le Pin Pomerol. It costs around 4,500 pounds.

The customers apparently did not realize that employees had caught the wrong wine. They even tried to order a second bottle. According to the owner of the restaurant, it can be deduced from this that the guests at least enjoyed the expensive mistake.

The employee in question does not have to fear for her job. “I am going to tease her with this incident when she is no longer paralyzed by the fright”, owner Will Beckett jokes. His restaurant Hawksmoor Manchester shows a photo of the two bottles with the caption on Twitter: “They look alike, okay?”

Waitress commits expensive fool: customers receive wine of £4,500


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